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President’s Message
Editors’ note - Masthead   

 Feature Articles
Transforming Communities:
ICA Approaches that Work
Ken Hamje

 Kids in a Dhaka slum get basic education and life-skills training - M. Aziz Rahman

Helping Callan Services develop a strategic
plan for Papua New Guinea
Margaret Endicott

Helping the disabled in Chile get jobs and a
role in society
- Ana Mari Urrutia A

ToP helps community housing project in Wales - Jonathan Dudding and Ann Lukens

Linking ToP to sustainable agriculture and
renewable energy in Zimbabwe
- Gerald Gomani

Timor Leste Forum for NGOs learn Foundational Methods of ToP - Karen Newkirk

Facilitating Belieforama’s anti- discrimination course in Madrid, Spain
   - Ine van Emmerik, Catalina Quiroz Niño


News and Events
Nepal prepares for the 8th Global Conference on Human Development
   - Ishu Subba

Welcome to the Virtual Conference
   - Douglas Druckenmiller

The ‘miracle’ of Winds and Waves
    - Robyn Hutchinson

ICAI May Global Dialogue and June GA Reports - Larry Philbrook

Launch of 2nd edition of The Courage to Lead - Janet Sanders

ICA International 8th Global Conference

ICA News Bytes

 United Kingdom

Invitation -
CIVICUS World Assembly