Check out the bells and whistles on the new website

By Robert Liverpool

ICAI’s new website, www.ica-international.org, is finally here. It’s simple, easy to read, does not overload you with too much information and has several long-awaited features.

Profile page: ICA members can set up their own profile page on the ICA WORLDWIDE section. This is  ideal for those who do not have their own website. People can easily find out general information on an ICA member within the community such as their purpose, team members and contact details.

Access to documents Various documents such as the Winds & Waves magazines or ICAI annual reports can be more easily accessed through the PUBLICATIONS section on the website.  There is also a news feed column, showcasing the latest published news articles.

Social media: Our presence on social media has been given a boost. We have full social network integration. A  Twitter feed, Tweets from @ICAI, shows the latest messages from the official ICA International Twitter account. News articles can be shared throughout various social networks.

Newsletter subscriptions: Do you want to be kept up to date on developments in the community that is in your area of interest? Just sign on to the Subscribe By Email feed. You will be automatically notified when the Winds & Waves magazine or the Global Buzz is published.

Search bar: Finding specific information is much easier. Type in a key word into the Search bar at the top and it will search the entire website for what you are looking for.

Blogging system: ICA members will now have the ability to write their own news articles and publish them on the website by using a blogging system powered by WordPress.

Translation: We have integrated Google Translate, which will translate material into any one of the 81 languages it features.

These are just  a few of the features, to see the rest, head over to the website now. Although the overall structure is ready, you may find some pages lacking content. We urge the various ICA organisations to upload the information they wish to share into these pages as soon as possible.

Robert Liverpool (contact@robertliverpool.com) is a freelance website designer in London who developed the ICAI website. For enquiries, go to robertliverpool.com.


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