Working with the disabled in 2016

By Isabel dela Maza Urrutia

ICA-Chile has been developing programs for leaders and organisations involved with disabled people over the last 10 years. This year, we secured funding from the Ministry of Social Development for two Disabled Community Council projects.

The first involves workshops on Emotional Control and Participative Strategic Planning in the Atacama Region, which was hit by a serious landslide last year. It has affected various organisations of disabled people in several cities in this desert zone. ICA-Chile and our partner GFSC (Global Net of Facilitators that support different Communities) will work with 75 people from these organisations and hope to identify rebuilding projects with them. GFSC will be in charge of the Emotional Control workshops while our facilitators will conduct the Participative Strategic Planning workshops.

The second project is a School for Participative Leaders involving organisations linked to disabled people. Some of the participants are indigenous Mapuche people and many are from the remote parts of the Bio-Bio province. They will coordinate and strengthen the work of the Disabled Community Councils in the larger VIII Region. This will be carried out using ICA methods and other systems. Besides the training, they will also organize work nets, exchange ideas and thus enrich their activities.

We are looking forward to the Regional Encounter of America in Lima, Peru, in May. Isabel Rodríguez Ruz and I will represent ICA-Chile at the event.

Isabel dela Maza (isadelamaza@gmail.com) is director of ICA-Chile

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