In this bumper issue, before Winds & Waves migrates to a new platform, we have republished a selection of
articles from the last six years.
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Behind the scenes

Cognitive Complexity
  Bhavesh S Patel

Reflection on Facilitation 
  Larry Philbrook

Transformative Facilitation
  Larry Philbrook

Truth about Life Experience
  Richard West

  The Environment
New Story for New Times
  Nelson Stover

Going Green in Taiwan
  Gordon Harper

Finding Community Amoung Strangers
  Kay Alton

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Rhumba and Resuscitation in the Congo
  Dr Vera Sistenich

Learning from Bonobos
   By Isabel dela Maza

Hits and Misses in Maharashtra
  Dharmalingam Vinasithamby

Helping Disabled in Chile Get Jobs
  Ana Mari Urrutia
Whole Systems Approach Gets    Communities Buzzing
   Bill Staples

Empowering Chicago`s Community    Leaders
  Terry Bergdall

A System That Works
  Jonathan Dudding

What's on
Recovering Indigenous Languages
  Miiam Patterson

Imaginal Education
  Randy Williams

  Book Review
Telling the Stories of Manilamen

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