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Welcome to the September edition of Winds & Waves. In many ways, this is a project in its second phase. In the last edition, we said farewell to John Miesen and thanked him for his enormous contribution to the development of this magazine over the last five years. Since then, a lot has happened!

Roma Mehta has joined the editorial team to take over John’s role in layout and design. She is an old friend of the ICA, well known to many of us in Australia and Taiwan. She is a “graphic designer by trade, an artist in practice and a community member by choice”. She spends a lot of her time working with organisations that help create sustainable communities. She was the editor of Centered on Taipei, a lifestyle magazine, runs a print and design franchise, and volunteers with HandUp Congo, Daan Utsav  and Red Room Taipei.

We are also delighted to have a presence on the ICA website launched by ICAI this month. We have had several conversations with UK volunteer Robert Liverpool, who developed the site. Read his article about it in this edition – and please do go on and check out the website!

We continue to welcome new contributors to this ICA global magazine, which aims to showcase best practices in the field of sustainable development. In this edition, we have input from every continent!

Our team has expanded to include representatives from every continent as well. Each member has a key role to play in addition to having a “nose for news”. Dharma is editor in chief. Robyn and Isobel are contributions coordinators. Roma does layout and design for the PDF magazine versions that can be read on your PC or printed as hard copy. Peter does the same for a version that can be read on a smartphone or tablet, and distributes them as well. This is in fact quite a task, getting W&W to you on time – three times a year!

I would like to introduce the entire W&W team:

Africa, Middle East and Europe: Lisa Mutua, Charles Luoga,
Voice Vingo, Mane Arratia, Natalia San Juan; Svitlana Salamatova,
Martin Gilbraith and Rosemary Cairns.

North and South America: Isabel de la Maza, Peter Ellins,
Staci Kentish and Seva Gandhi.

Asia-Pacific: Dharmalingam Vinasithamby, Roma Mehta and
Robyn Hutchinson.

ICAI Global Leadership Team: Staci Kentish, Seva Gandhi,
Martin Gilbraith and Charles Luoga.

We rely on ICA members and friends to broaden our readership and to contribute stories and news items relevant to sustainable human development.

We hope this will continue with increasing passion! We particularly value your letters to the editors, which gives us an idea of the response to the magazine.
We look forward to hearing from you about articles you could contribute, at any time of the year, and in particular for the end-of-the-year edition in November/December.

Robyn Hutchinson, W&W Contributions Coordinator

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