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  First Peoples
Recognising a wrong to set it right
  By John and Elaine Telford

Long Game We have to Win
  By Linda Burney

The Stolen Generations: Part II
  By Simona Galimberti

Native way to overcome trauma
  By Lorraine McRae and Jan Sanders

The Wise Old Warriors
  By Jan Sanders

Taking back the power
  By Jeanette Stanfield

Making it their project
  By Jwa-Seop Shin, Young-Seck Lee
  and Hee-Jae Yoo

Idea jamming to limit climate change
  By Jimmy Wan

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Sandy Jackson Reilly. See:
Native way to overcome trauma

 ICA International

General Assembly held across two
   time zones and over 10 days

Expanding the global network 
   By Staci Kentish

Ugandan NGO’s self-help strategy
   By Richard Kirya Itakali

Collaborating with the Initiatives
   of Change

   By Martin Gilbraith

Check out the bells and whistles
   on the new website

   By Robert Liverpool

 ICA Reports
Disabled but independent
  By Edward Christensen and
  Isabel de la Maza

The sweet fruits of high-tech farming
   By Shankar Jadhav

  ICA MENA(Middle East & North Africa)
From desert village to national network

  By Sabah Khalifa

Thriving in Egypt’s turbulent times

   By Martin Gilbraith


A safe home for the disabled

  By Mohan Bahadur Karki

Rebuilding after the earthquake
  By Pritha Khanal